Baku 2015 European Games Ceremonies

We built a bridge to Europe.

Award winner

Two Emmys &
seven tellys

We built a bridge to Europe.

As Executive and Creative Producers, FiveCurrents launched the first-ever Ceremonies for
the inaugural European Games. The Games were broadcast to more than 500 million people, and built a cultural connection between Europe and Azerbaijan and its capital city Baku.


The Opening Ceremony told a universal human story, using elemental Azerbaijani ingredients in a way that was contemporary, inventive, and playful, but always respectful of the culture’s enormous richness and depth. The Closing Ceremony showcased how the past is shaping
the present and influencing the future of Azerbaijan. It celebrated the achievements of
the athletes in a visually stunning and raucous night of celebration.


“Truly spectacular, full of history, symbolism and culture”
- Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee

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